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We plan, design, build, promote
and track apps for iPhone, iPad,
Android, Windows & HTML5


App design for the NHS, private healthcare, medical device & pharma sectors

We will work alongside you to map out your mobile health strategy, design a prototypecode your app, connect it to databases and medical devices, take your app through CE Marking & compliance, promote it and track its performance.

We developed the first pharmaceutical MHRA certified and CE Marked class 1 device app.

We design & develop the following types of healthcare and medical apps:

  • Health measurement & monitoring – apps that provide information and measurement tools which enable individuals to better manage health and fitness
  • Clinical interaction – apps which enable better communication between HCPs and patients and self-management of medical conditions through medication reminders, diary logs and monitoring
  • Hospital administration & health insurance – apps which provide integrated portals with features such as appointment booking, access to medical records, patient and health insurance management
  • Medical devices & wearables – apps that function as medical devices or act as as interfaces to connect with hardware devices and wearable technology.
  • Medical education – apps that operate as resources for medical education, training, clinical pathways and prescribing aids
OvuSense Fertility App

App Prototyping Service

App prototyping service

Mobile Health White Paper

mHealth White Paper

See how mobile health (mHealth) and health & medical apps could help to tackle some of the challenges our healthcare system faces >>

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