Types of Healthcare Apps

Many healthcare, pharma companies, university medical schools and health tech entrepreneurs are looking to use mobile app and connectivity technologies to help them improve commercial performance and healthcare outcomes. Typically health and medical apps fall into one these broad categories:

Medical devices & connectivity

Apps that function as medical devices or connect to smart devices using Bluetooth, NFC & WiFi technologies (IoT app development).

Measurement and monitoring

Apps that help patients manage health related conditions and help consumers improve their well-being, monitor their sports and leisure activities and performance.

Administration and patient care

Apps that integrate with healthcare IT systems and help HCPs perform remote monitoring, medical calculations & diagnoses.

Education and clinical pathways

Apps that improve remote access to medical education & training aids, clinical pathways, prescribing tools and clinical trials.

App Planning Considerations

Apps can deliver enormous benefits to your organisation, but as with so many things it isn’t actually ‘the doing’ that’s the main success factor – it’s what you do and how you do it.

Here are some of the key phases of the app development process you’ll want to explore further with your chosen app developer.


    • App & Software Specification
    • Smart Device Connectivity
    • Software & Systems Integration
    • Medical Compliance & Security


    • UI/UX Design & Wireframing
    • App Prototyping
    • Coding & Back End
    • Testing & Deployment


    • App Promo Websites
    • App Promo Videos
    • App Store Optimisation
    • App Analytics