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Editorial Opportunities

Getting your own unique content onto gApps will provide you with a great opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience and promote you and/or your company’s expertise and experience within the health and medical app industry.

Content requirements

The following are key requirements, not suggestions. If you don’t follow them, your contribution will not be published.

  • You must submit your own original articles that have not been published anywhere else before.
  • We do not accept duplicated content.
  • We will use Copyscape to check for copied/plagiarised content
  • We expect a minimum article length of at least 1000 words
  • We expect articles to be backed by appropriate references, link to sources, case studies, and other data that helps to create an informative and well researched piece that will engage our readers
  • If you want us to embed any relevant imagery into your article please provide the images as PNGs/GIFs/JPEGs and please ensure that you have the appropriate licences in place to be able to use those images
  • We do not accept stock photos. Please use screenshots, relevant graphics, and other images that support or illustrate your points
  • Submit articles as .doc or .docx

Reviewing & Publishing Process

We typically review each article within one week and if we feel the article is a good fit for our site then we will let you know before publishing it. If you don’t hear back from us within 10 days, then most likely your article isn’t suitable for our site. Due to the high volumes of articles we sometimes receive we cannot guarantee that we will provide you with any feedback as to why your article was rejected. We reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our requirements and edit articles as we see fit.

Editorial Guidelines

Please read these guidelines carefully if you want to have your content published on gApps

Topics We Cover

When deciding whether to contribute, firstly consider what advice or insights you can offer that will help our readers to address a particular challenge; improve the way they implement a certain aspect of an app project; reduce the risks of an app not being compliant or fit for purpose; become more efficient; improve their business processes; increase app installs and usage etc.
Your content piece must fit into one of our content categories below:

  • Mobile app design & development
  • App marketing & promotion
  • App technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • eHealth and mHealth
  • Medical device software and apps
  • Medical and healthcare Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Medical device compliance, data/cyber security, ISO standards
  • Patient apps
  • Healthcare professional apps
  • Health, wellness and fitness apps

Submitting Content

Get in touch if you’d like to submit an article.

Promotional Content & SEO

We only allow no-follow links to external sites and we do not allow links back to the author’s own website or company website from within the article. We also do not accept articles that will contain promotional content aimed at helping a company to promote its own services or products.

If you want to discuss promotional/advertorial and/or SEO content/link opportunities then please contact us to learn more about our paid for advertising and SEO content marketing opportunities.

Other free services

We offer a variety of free marketing options to help generate leads, build your online reputation, and establish brand leadership within your sector.

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