App Business & Marketing Plan Template

App consultancy and  specification development

Our ‘App Business Planner’ framework and consultancy service will help us to capture the vision for your app project and turn it into a detailed app specification and app development plan. We use this approach as the basis for developing a detailed technical and functional specification for your app.

The benefits of the ‘App Business Planner’ framework

The more information you can include in any plan, the better you can communicate your vision and ideas and plan the strategy, development and marketing of your app with your colleagues, stakeholders or investors.

Our approach will:

  1. Speed up the process of capturing your vision for you app project
  2. Capture all key information required to help develop a comprehensive technical and functional specification for your app idea
  3. Remove the headache of researching what type of key information should be included in a specification so that you can go on to develop a robust, user-focused and compliant app

Because each member of your team may have a different vision for the project, we always recommend completing any worksheets shared as part of our app business planner framework as a group. That way you won’t miss any important opinions and ideas. Our approach covers all the key areas that you should consider as part of the overall app development process, including patient data storage, compliance and CE marking. It will help to speed up the process of developing a detailed development blueprint for your app idea. The ‘App Business Planner’ is delivered as part of our app consultancy and app specification package.

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