mHealth Opportunities

Helping you understand the market opportunities of mHealth & medical apps

Undersatnding the potential of Mobile Health (mHealth) and Medical Apps

Healthcare systems across Europe are facing new challenges that are placing huge pressures on healthcare providers being able to deliver timely, cost-effective and patient focused care.

mHealth and the use of mobile applications could be one of the tools to help tackle these challenges by helping to create a new kind of healthcare ecosystem – one that empowers patients to use mhealth apps to take more control over their own health which could help prevent the onset of chronic illness.

mHealth tech also enables healthcare providers to build greater efficiency into their care delivery systems but not to the detriment of patients.

This presentation will provide you with an overview of some of the key problems our healthcare system is currently facing and how the mHealth industry, and in particular health and medical apps, can be part of the solution to those problems.

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Helping you understand the market opportunities of mHealth apps