Are you looking for a trusted partner to work with?

Genetic Apps is a boutique health and medical app development agency. We only focus on designing and marketing health, fitness and medical apps.

We understand the challenges you face when developing marketing assets that need to engage with healthcare professionals, patients and consumers. We also know about compliance, whether it’s following the ABPI code of practice or getting an app approved by the MHRA so it can carry the CE Mark.

Our app development services include:

  1. App Strategy & Planning
  2. App Design & Build
  3. App Promotion & Measurement

Benefits of partnering with us?

  • Strong understanding of regulatory/compliance processes (e.g. ABPI, MHRA)
  • Expertise in integrating apps with third party systems
  • Expertise in developing solutions for multiple platforms and mobile devices
  • Reduced cost of development and time-to-market
  • Ease of maintenance and upgrades
  • Comprehensive & robust testing procedures
  • Expertise in app promotion to help increase market awareness and downloads
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