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Could wearable technology help England become better penalty takers at the World Cup?

So if you hadn’t already noticed the World Cup started last night and I read an interesting article on the Daily Mail website yesterday titled:

Why World Cup 2014 will be most high-tech tournament yet: Smart balls, frozen shirts and vanishing free-kick lines combine for the ultimate digital sporting event

As most of you will be aware there’s been a lot of talk recently around wearable devices and smart clothing and how these futuristic pieces of technology can send data to mobile apps on smartphones that enable sports coaches to monitor and analyse aspects of an athlete’s physical performance with a view to making changes to their training programme to address any weaknesses.

So, as an England supporter, it got me thinking is there an opportunity to develop a penalty taking training app that improves the chances of one of the England squad scoring during a penalty shootout?

I’m thinking along the lines of a “wearable mash-up” here, which could involve integrating a wearable contact lens to help with focusing on which part of the goal to aim at, with a device in the boot itself to help measure how cleanly you struck the ball and then something in the jersey to measure anxiety and something in their shorts to measure “squeaky bottom” syndrome (only kidding)?

Data would be sent to a penalty taking training app called something like “PenaltyGuru™” which would crunch the data and provide the coach with valuable insights into how each player performed and what they need to focus on to improve their scoring rate in a penalty shootout?

So people, any thoughts on what we can create to help England become the ultimate penalty taking machine for 2018, ‘cos we all know there’s a high probability of us ending up in one – if we qualify that is!

Share your crazy ideas on Twitter using #PenaltyGuru and let’s help make England the ultimate penalty taking machine!

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