Healthcare Apps Europe 2014

Genetic Digital chairing a roundtable session at Healthcare Apps 2014

Russell Hughes, Operations Director at Genetic Digital will be chairing a roundtable discussion about how to develop and successfully launch a health and medical app at Healthcare Apps Europe 2014.

Some of the key areas that he will be getting the audience to consider when developing an app will include:

  • Mobile Website vs Appdo you really need an app or could a responsive website that works across multiple devices be a more suitable digital solution? Getting the right mHealth strategy in place is a crucial first step.
  • Platform & Device  – which platforms such as iOS, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry do you build for and what devices such as smartphones and tablets do you design for?
  • Solution Designwhat type of app do you need? Do you build a hybrid, web or native app?
  • Integration – will the app need to integrate with any internal or external software systems or databases such as a patients information system or web API?
  • Compliance – will the app need to comply with the latest MHRA guidelines on compliance and be registered as a medical device?
  • Testing – how will you test the app and what steps will you need to put in place to ensure that testing is carried out in a comprehensive manner by the right people?
  • Marketing – how will you make your target audience aware of your app, will the app need to be supported by a marketing campaign and specific app promotion tactics like app store optimisation (ASO)?
  • Tracking – how will you track usage and downloads of your app and measure what impact it has had in helping you to achieve your business and marketing objectives?

The rountable session will give you the chance to discuss key topics and challenges in smaller, interactive groups. You will be able to share your own experiences and hear from others; benchmark; exchange ideas and get clear answers to specific questions. So, in order to make the most of these interactive sessions, you should come armed to share experiences and have questions at the ready!

 Visit Healthcare Apps Europe 2014 for more details about the conference and roundtable discussions.

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