Rosemont Pharmaceuticals CE Marked App



The first Pharmaceutical MHRA certified Class I Device app

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

The brief

The first Pharmaceutical MHRA certified and CE marked Class I Device app

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people through the development, manufacture and supply of liquid medicines. We have worked with on their website and SEO campaigns for a number of years and were asked to develop a mobile strategy that would help them engage with a GP audience.

To complement a range of digital activity, our research demonstrated that there was an opportunity that went beyond the web to develop a dosage calculator mobile app that would help them to improve engagement with hard to reach GPs whilst producing a tool with added value to make it really useful.



The process
Project Scoping

To establish the exact nature of the brief we worked with them on a scoping phase to document a precise project scope including the exact technical and functional requirements, the design criteria and any other considerations for their project.

App Design

The target audience was HCPs and as such some of the content was not suitable for the general public. Because it was important to understand exactly how the app would work to remain compliant, we mapped the process by which HCPs would use the app. This helped to ensure that all eventualities were considered during the planning phase and that nothing was missed.

Rosemont map


We then produced a set of wires frame demonstrating key features like navigation and showing where functionality like buttons, warning and other tools were required. The wire frames were the blueprint for key pages on the app.

Rosemont wireframe


Following agreement of the wire frames we produced a mock-up of the user interface design. Where the wire frame is your blueprint showing the structure of each page, the user interface design allows you to see how the finished pages will look.

Rosemont App

Tracking Code

To ensure we could understand how HCPs are using the app, the Google Analytics SDKs for iPhone and Andriod were included to measure the number of visitors, particular pages, origin of visits, calculations and many more metrics, tracked anonymously. This integrates seamlessly with the Google Analytics account.


There are currently no ABPI guidelines available for App development so to ensure compliance and future proof the app (particularly in light of companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Merck withdrawing apps), the existing guidelines for the development of other digital assets have been applied to the app.

The app also includes a calculator designed to support HCPs in their clinical decision making process and based on perceived risk factors indicated by the European Medical Device Directive, the app needed to be registered as a Class I device with the MHRA. This included an extending period of split blind testing and risk assessments to demonstrate that the app was better than traditional methods for calculating liquid dosages.

The result

The first Pharmaceutical MHRA certified Class I Device app

Based on research into the mobile sector and how HCPs are using apps to retrieve information they are otherwise unable to access and the types of devices they are using to access that information, we have developed the first Pharmaceutical MHRA certified Class I Device app that will allow a completely new audience of professionals’ access to the entire product range and easily calculate liquid medicine dosages. The app is available on the iTunes app store and the Google Play Store.

The release of the app has been promoted by publicising the app store download links amongst healthcare professionals primarily by providing links to the resources using the sales force. A separate micro site has also been produced that will be part of an online campaign to promote the app

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