Medical Education App For UEA Pharmacy Students

PharmaQuest app

Medical Education App

A tool to help pharmacy students learn basic facts about medicines

University of East Anglia ‘PharmaQuest’ App

Medical education app development case study


PharmaQuest is a medical educational tool designed for the University of East Anglia that is also being used by a number of other higher education organisations.

PharmaQuest AppIt was originally designed as a pack of cards to help pharmacy students learn basic facts about the most commonly used medicines. The app contains a database of 100 drugs, identified by academics as the most useful for pharmacy undergraduates to have a working knowledge of before starting their pre-registration year.



The PharmaQuest app comes with a number of questions freely available for pharmacy, nursing and medical students and healthcare professionals to test their knowledge of most frequently prescribed medicines.  The app also contains ‘in-app purchasing’ allowing the option to purchase additional ‘packs’ to extend their learning around drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular, gastro intestinal and respiratory diseases and further packs are already planned. These can be purchased individually or for a single ‘all packs’ purchase at a discounted price.

Easy and fun to use it promotes learning, allowing students and healthcare professionals to dip in whenever they have a spare moment while keeping track of their test results.

The app has been completed and is available on the iTunes app store and the Google Play Store for both tablets and smartphones.

PharmaQuest Med Ed App


Client Testimonial

Genetic Digital have provided an excellent service working closely with the University of East Anglia to produce a very high quality application learning tool for both students and healthcare professionals. Developed in conjunction with Rosemont Pharmaceuticals with an unrestricted grant, the design is clean and modern while the app is very intuitive. It has received many positive reviews from both lecturers and pharmacy students and this has resulted in a number of other UK universities adopting the tool as part of their teaching materials.

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