Bluetooth connected iPhoneBluetooth connected watch


An iOS tablet and Apple Watch connectivity
solution for a medical device

Bluetooth App Development Case Study

An iOS tablet and Apple Watch connectivity solution for a medical device


We developed an interactive ‘temperature tracker’ app to demonstrate our capabilities of being able to connect a Bluetooth enabled medical device to a mobile app at the MedTech Innovation Expo.

In this case we used an off the shelf electrical temperature sensor. We designed the app and developed the software that enabled the app to capture actual temperature data from the sensor using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection so that it could be displayed on an iOS smartphone, table or Apple Watch.

The data was then stored within a secure database in the ‘Cloud’ so that we could plot a graph to show the average temperature of each anonymised individual who had their temperature taken over the course of the day. Temperature data was also sent to an Apple Watch to demonstrate how that data could also be shared remotely in a secure way and act as an early warning system.

Bluetooth App Development
Temperature sensor app integration

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