App store optimisation (ASO)

App store optimisation – the new SEO?

There are currently around 100,000 health apps on sites like Google Play and Apple’s App Store. With 63% of apps being found through app store search, if your app doesn’t rank high up in the app store search results for specific keyword searches then chances are your app won’t get discovered. App Store Optimisation (ASO), just like search engine optimisation (SEO) is now a must have to ensure the maximum traffic is driven to your app.

What is App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

Essentially the same principles by which SEO operates will also do the job with ASO.  The key is to create metadata (title and description content) for your app that contains relevant keywords.  To do this you will have to know the words that your potential customers are likely to be searching with.  Getting this right is very much the key to success.  Do a quick search on an app store using the primary keywords you have identified and find out who is coming out top of the search. Using a less well-used but still relevant keyword might help your app to come higher up the search.  The use of the keywords that are slightly less popular and that yield a medium search volume can be of great benefit. Another strategy that can help a lot with the popularity of your app is to apply a localisation to your keywords so that they become specific to a geographical area.

app store optimisation

The app icon is one of the first things that a potential user will see and it is worth spending time on this ‘shop window’ for your app store.  It should be attractive and eye catching enough to make someone want to click, while the actual product or service that it represents should be illustrated in a design that is both unique and simple to understand.  Obtaining positive reviews and ratings also play an important role in helping to increase the visibility of your app within the app stores, so you must produce a high quality and useful app in the first place.

If the app that you are looking to optimise is part of a larger portfolio of on line or off line businesses, then make sure that the app for your business is consistent with the rest of your business logos.  Remember, as well, to take time to make sure that your app appears just as you would like it to because if it is to be in the Apple App Store for instance, changes can only be made on specific scheduled updates.  There is no doubt that ASO is an important tool in a competitive marketplace and getting it right can mean the difference between your app sinking without a trace or attracting the customers you know are out there.


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